1D 凝胶电泳

Product Details

WSE-1165 Mini-slab 系列

1D 凝胶电泳 小型微型凝胶 :8x9cm

New Mini-slab size electrophoresis for polyacrylamide gel

* NEW *  - High resolution electrophoreis!-      

WSE-1165 Mini-slab size elctrophoresis

WSE-1165 Mini-slab size electrophoresis apparatus for polyacrylamide gel 

Purpose and Application


  • SDS-PAGE (SDS-聚丙烯醯胺凝膠電泳)  
  • Nativepage (非變性聚丙烯醯胺凝膠電泳)
  • 蛋白質分離、鑒定、純度確認和分子量估計等
  • 檢查純化的 dna 蛋白電泳或 pcr 產物的確認
  • 用於篩選入門級實驗
  • 目標蛋白表達蛋白或核酸電泳測定
Product Summary

AE-1165 is Mini-slab size gel electrophoresis apparatus
AE-1165 is based on the best seller model AE-6500 and optimized for the faster and higher-resolution electrophoresis.

Protein electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE、native-PAGE etc) and DNA electrophoresis

  • Specially designed chamber to prevent smiling effect "High speed & Resolution electrophoresis"
  • Acrylic material * Excellent durability 
  • Bottom electrode is automatically to be Anode +"Auto switching polarity function"
  • Gel plates are easily set with the special plate holder
  • Prevent the buffer leaking out "Perfect seal packing"
  • Easy to apply samples "Front open view"
How to set 'H' holder 
<Easy setting to push 'H' holder down>
"Auto switching polarity function"
(Any connect lead power cable, there must be cathode (upper tank) and anode (lower tank)
** This function can remove if it is required.
WSE-1165 H holder 150RGB
Specially designed chamber to avoid plate overheating and smiling effect

Perfect seal packing

Drawing of seal packing below that prevent a leaking buffer

and hold a plate stably

WSE-1165 glass plates RGB
seal packing白 絵字 RGB


WSE-1165 seal packing